Southwest @ Love Field

JD McCoy, a fellow pilot and friend, rounded up a group of Aviation Enthusiasts and pilots asked us if
we wanted to take a tour of Southwest Airlines facility at Love Field Dallas. He set us up to go one day
and we toured lunch room, the main facility that they kept up with every aircraft, whether it in
maintenance or in flight. On the same floor were the people that figured the amount of fuel to load
based on the number of passengers, distance, flight time, weather, and traffic. By loading just the fuel
amount needed saved fuel costs. Image hauling 60,000 lbs (10,000 gals) of fuel on a trip. It's a load.
To have seen all that, air fair is cheap. Then we were introduced to the 7 simulators in another large
building. There were simulators for the few different models of 737's. These are a few images of the
This is a shot of VR sitting in left seat of a 737 simulator. JD says they do exactly what a 737
does in real flight.