Frio County Air Port 2015
Pearsall Texas
The photo below is 7327J in Flight toward Canton Texas to partake in a traditional breakfast.  

Two friends carrying on a 5 yr tradition.  Christmas morning is a very special occasion to start with. To be in the air on Christmas,
well, Oh GOD!  No other way to describe it..  To descend into a hometown and spread the Christmas spirit in the form of a roaring
aircraft engine and the landing gear brushing the tree tops, nothing like it.  To land at a friends airstrip and have a traditional
breakfast, just doesn't get any better..    But to be met with a "Jesse Thompson Toast" will last a life time.

One family having Christmas, father and daughter preparing biscuits and gravy, said "here comes VR" while another member
trying to get outside to wave.  At same time, a sister a 40 acre distance away, calls and says "VR just flew over".
These people are friends and I was able to effect their Xmas a little. This all took place around 7:00am barely sunrise.
6:20 am Christmas morning approxamatley 5 miles off of Run Way 35 Longview KGGG. Altimeter @ 4500ft.  Slight NW
headwind.  Dallas, glowing at the top of the horizon.  Unbelievable.
Tyler off my left wing. The sun isn't visible yet
Due North of Tyler which is at my left.  I-20 glowing all the way from Lindal into Dallas
       The photos were shot with a 55mm  f1.4.
This is a Southwest Airline Pilots sense of humor.
  "Take your kid to work day"