2/1/2003 This is a one of a kind photo of the Space Shuttle re-entering earth atmosphere. I had just arrived at Longview airport where
my aircraft is hangered and wasn't aware of the history in progress being made. There was a boom but it wasn't significant enough to
me until one of the linemen from Stebbins Jet Center asked me if I had heard that explosion.  He said it rattled the glass in the FBO.  
Still not aware of the history being made, I departed Longview headed for Thompson Field in Canton.  Upon arrival, several people
were standing outside the office, including Mark and Jesse Thompson.  They had been looking up at this sight in the picture.  This is a
one of a kind photo.  The crazy part is, I departed about 30 minutes later on a coarse where the history was to end up.  Below Tyler, I
started seeing smoke in a couple of places and considering the area, there were no apparent reasons.  Tyler Pounds control tower
came on all frequencies and announced "Beware that low flying military jet aircraft will be in the area soon".  Henderson was about 10
miles at 12 o'clock so I pointed the aircraft in that direction to refuel.  I wanted to go back and get closer looks at the small fires.  Then
Gregg Co. control tower came on the air and said "All aircraft in this triangle from Tyler, Palestine, to Nacogdoches, clear the area
immediately."  This is exactly were I had been.  Instead of landing at Henderson, I continued to Gregg Co. in fear that FAA would shut
all airspace down.  Looking back, this was not the safest place to have been but I've been in worse
Thompson AirPark